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Engaging in a World of Difference - Study Tour to Istanbul, Turkey

June 1-12, 2013

Washington Theological Consortium

This crosscultural study tour aims to provide students a first-hand experience of a Muslim-majority country and to expand their awareness of a different culture.

Participants will attend lectures by Muslim and non-Muslim scholars. They will visit historic churches, mosques, and museums in Istanbul and meet leading figures of religious minority groups. The group will also make a trip to the city of Nicea. Throughout, participants will have the opportunity to engage in conversations with Muslims in order to enhance their knowledge of Islam in its living dimension.

Students enrolled in member institutions of the Washington Theological Consortium will be graded on the basis of participation and a 5-8 page paper due June 30. (3 Graduate Credit Hours)

Registration and other details are found at

Contacts: Dr. Richard Jones ( and Salih Sayilgan (

Christian and Jewish Seminarian Study and Dialogue Summer Program

June 16-20, 2013

The Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center
Reistertown, MD

The goal is for 10 Jewish rabbinical students and 10 Christian seminaries to come together for five days for intensive study of each others' faith tradition and its practices, in order to enhance critical awareness, dialogue, and mutual understanding of sacred traditions, differences, and intersecting issues of public life.  The course of study will address sacred texts, liturgical practice, preaching, and education in both traditions.